While Susan is widely known for her work with parents, teens, children and families, her work is easily relevant for other audiences. In nearly every interview or live presentation she does, people remark that the strategies she teaches can be of tremendous value in avoiding conflict between co-workers, employees and even mothers-in-law! This broadens Susan’s potential target audience to include businesses, corporations and other non parent-focused organizations and conferences, where attendees will benefit from learning how to have Business or Family Relationships Without Power Struggles.

Feedback from Susan Stiffelman’s Presentations

“Thank you, Susan! I never got so many accolades for a speaker! The group REALLY enjoyed the information and did not want you to leave! I even had parents that missed it asking me for your information after hearing from their friends how interesting and informative it was! Thank you again!”
T. Neve, Parent Association President, United Nations International School, New York, New York

“Susan Stiffelman was one of the most dynamic and useful speakers our parents have hosted. Her warm and informative style had our parents at ease in no time, and we had her come back again within a month to continue. Her orientation really makes you think about how we relate and respond to adolescent behavior, and find ways to be positive and supportive.” 
Patty Lancaster, Counselor, Archer School for Girls, Brentwood,CA

“Susan has the unique ability to immediately develop a rapport with her audience in which she creates an atmosphere where parents felt comfortable to ask very personal questions. Participants came away with common sense, concrete strategies that they could easily incorporate into their own parenting. We felt so fortunate to have had
her back in Kansas City for the second time!”

Susan Hurst, MA, Director, Family Life Education/Adolescent Specialist/C.H.A.I., Jewish Family Services, Overland Park, KS

“Susan’s talk at Marymount School, Paris, really opened my eyes to ways that I can keep the calm in our household.  Practicing her “quiet time” with my teen has completely changed our relationship!  I hope you come back to Paris soon!” Julia Geha, Marymount School, Paris, France

“Susan Stiffelman has a refreshing approach to parenting – one infused with humor and compassion. Her responses and reflections offer parents important opportunities to think anew. Parents left the workshop delighted that they had taken time to participate.”
Joan Martin, Director, Crossroads Elementary School, Santa Monica, CA

“Thanks for all you did at our school. You were truly a blessing to many parents and teachers who heard you. We are more capable people because of you.” Thomas Postema, Director, Mustard Seed School, Hoboken, NJ

“Every parent and teacher should spend some time with Susan. She is able to impart practical solutions and guidance for the variety of behaviors that we all experience in children, enabling the teacher or parent to understand and respond in a manner highly beneficial to the situation.”
Shari Latta, Director, Children’s Creative Workshop, Malibu, CA

“Your talk was excellent: thought-provoking and challenging to the “traditional” view of treating the symptom of bad behavior versus the underlying cause. I was truly impressed with your knowledge, as well as your skill in creating a safe atmosphere in which parents could talk openly about their concerns. Brava!”
Len Leatherwood, PTA Council Coordinator, Beverly Hills, CA

“Susan Stiffelman has a remarkable ability to explain the importance of being in charge while remaining connected to your child. Her ideas are easy to implement and come from a deep understanding of the parent/child relationship.”
Josie Breger, Counselor, New Roads School, Los Angeles, CA

Speaking Topics:

  1. How to Find Your Cool When You’ve Temporarily Lost It
    Is it possible to parent without the escalating threats, hysteria or drama that let you (and your kids) see that you’ve completely lost control? Yes! In this presentation, Susan discusses how to manage your reactions―beyond counting to ten or taking a deep breath―so that you can keep your cool, even when the kids push every button or try to get a rise out of you by turning on what Susan affectionately calls “MOM TV”.
  2. How to Get Kids to Do What You Ask Without Threats, Bribes, or Punishments (Really!)
    Human beings are meant to resist taking direction from those to whom they are not closely attached; our brains are wired to follow with those with whom we have a strong connection. Rather than scripting the “right” thing to say when kids misbehave, Susan teaches parents how to call forth a child’s innate desire to cooperate by dealing with the underlying elements that foster genuine willingness in being part of the team.
  3. How to be the “Captain of the Ship” in Your Child’s Life.
    In this presentation, Susan lays the foundation for understanding how to be authentically in
    charge as you navigate the various challenges of raising children and teens while avoiding exhausting battles, endless negotiations and what she calls “The Two Lawyers”―that all too familiar scenario where parent and child are duking it out for control and the coveted final word.
  4. How to Make Power Struggles Optional and Obsolete
    Despite the common belief that parents have to become quasi-attorneys to get their kids to do what they ask, the truth is, there are simple tools they can use to steer clear of negotiations and courtroom battles. By coming alongside, rather than at their children and teens, parents learn how to reduce defensiveness, and instead awaken a child’s willingness to compromise and/or acquiesce
  5. ADD: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to successfully be a hunter in a farmer’s world
    In this presentation, Susan offers practical strategies for helping ADD’ish children, teens–and adults—manage challenges with focus, impulsivity and organization. In addition, she discusses myths and realities of ADD, and providing tools for helping right-brained kids―the “hunters” of the world―survive in a left-brained world that is typically more easily navigated by those with the “farmer” personality.
  6. “I want what I want when I want it!”
    When a child is frustrated, there are only two possible outcomes: Adaptation or Aggression. In this presentation, Susan shows parents how to help their children adapt to life’s inevitable disappointments and frustrations, rather than unleashing their upset in aggressive behavior. A powerful, life-changing presentation.

A Sampling of Previous Engagements:

Archer School, Brentwood, CA

Marymount School, Paris, France

United Nations International School, New York, NY

Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles

Mustard Seed School, Hoboken, NJ

Chicago Children’s Theater fundraising luncheon, Chicago, IL

Washington Hebrew Congregation, Potomac, Maryland

Brown Academy, Washington DC

International School of Dakar, Senegal

New Roads School, Santa Monica, CA

Westland School, Los Angeles

California Council of Parent Participation Nursery School Annual Conference

Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles

Mt. Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

Beverly Hills PTA Council

Crossroads Elementary, Santa Monica, CA

Seven Arrows School, Pacific Palisades, CA

Agape International Spiritual Center

Franklin School, Santa Monica, CA

Vistamar School, Los Angeles

Jewish Family Services, Los Angeles

Malibu High School

Webster School, Malibu, CA

Ojai Retreat

La Leche League Annual Conference

Baby Boot Camp Marin , Sausolito, CA

Southern Marin Mother’s Club, Corte Madera, CA

Jewish Community Center, Overland Park, KS

Eudora Middle School , Eudora, KS

Jewish Family Services, Kansas City, MO

St. Luke’s Day School, Alexandria, VA

W Hotel, Hoboken, NJ

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

Dawson School of Boulder

Friends School of Boulder