Parenting Resources

Six-Week Online Parenting Workshop


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Program includes over six hours of brand new video and audio content, delivered once a week for six weeks, and set up so you can work at your own pace and review the material as often as you like. Discover how to turn your greatest parenting challenges into a vision for creating a loving, peaceful, happy family life!

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Five-Module Comprehensive Video Parenting Education Program

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Susan has created a Webinar series to help parents master the ideas that she teaches in her book and lectures. For one low price, you can move through the Five Modules at your own pace. The webinar includes video, slides, audio and workbook pages with activities and exercises that will help make power struggles a thing of the past.

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Helping ADD’ish Kids Survive and Thrive Audio Program



By the end of the program, you will understand what ADD is – and what it’s NOT. Plus, you will know exactly why it is that ADD(ish) kids legitimately struggle to stay on task and organized. You will know how to work with your child’s challenges as his ally rather than his adversary…plus more!

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How to Help Children Deal With Separation and Divorce



A powerful program which will help you to understand the fundamentals of co-parenting sanely, even in the midst of hurt and anger. You will also know how to manage anger, meltdowns, and aggression… and more…

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How to Help Children Handle Frustration



An important program which empowers parents to be able to guide their children toward developing more resilience through discovering they can live through life’s ups and downs!

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How to Handle Homework Drama



This program has been developed to help you understand the underlying cause of the drama so you can prevent it from recurring. Susan will show you how to set up an environment that helps your child get work done in a focused way… plus so much more!

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