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Five-Module Comprehensive Video Parenting Education Program

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Susan has created a Webinar series to help parents master the ideas that she teaches in her book and lectures. For one low price, you can move through the Five Modules at your own pace. The webinar includes video, slides, audio and workbook pages with activities and exercises that will help make power struggles a thing of the past. 

“I have been soaking up all the great information from your webinar preview over the past 2 weeks.   I think I’ve gotten so much more of your message because of the webinar than if I’d just read your book alone.  You have such a positive presence.  I’ll be sharing my experience with as many moms, parents, family members that I can!

I was amazed at how easy, yet rewarding the process was and surprised at the responses I came up with once I got to the end of module 3.  It was a very positive and affirming experience for me.  I plan to keep these workbook pages for a long time!  Speaking of those workbook pages, where’s your app for this?! :) (Note to all: The App is here! Check the website!)

The attachment stages were profound. When I got to the “thought pills” and “making a change,” I had a real breakthrough and heard my parents voice in a way I wasn’t remotely aware of!  It was worth the price and more!!  (And who doesn’t want counseling in their pjs with a hot cup of tea and the pause button at your fingertips?) This Webinar is a fantastic idea!!)”

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How to Handle Homework Drama


“Homework used to be a nightmare and I can see now how everything I was doing was making things worse.

This program was exactly what I needed and you gave so many ideas that I could really use with my sons. Thank you!”

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How to Help Children Deal With Separation and Divorce


“My kids and I have been suffering a lot since my husband and I separated. The information you shared has made more difference than I could list.

Their father and I have committed to using your tips and your guidance and are already seeing a real change in our middle child who has been so angry and withdrawn. Thank you so much for this help, Susan.”

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How to Help Children Handle Frustration


“When I listened to this discussion I was convinced that you had been eavesdropping on our household! My husband and I have both listened to your advice and it has changed our lives. We have three children–four, nine and twelve–and now when they get upset and we follow your ideas, their upsets pass quickly, where before they could carry on for hours!”

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Helping ADD’ish Kids Survive and Thrive Audio Program


“After hearing what you had to say, I changed my whole approach to dealing with our son with ADHD. I used to blame and threaten him to get things done and was always angry that he wasn’t trying harder or doing his best. Now that I understand his struggles more I have been able to help him with a different attitude, and he is doing so much better. This was a real eye-opener. Very helpful.”

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