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Parenting WIthout Power Struggle iPhone iPad app by inward.me









This application was created to help parents implement the concepts from Susan Stiffelman’s work, including her newly released book, Parenting Without Power Struggles.

Each feature was intentionally designed to help integrate new parenting strategies into your child’s life a little each day, in under 3 minutes per day.


  • Pause:  Short phrases that help you respond calmly, rather than react ineffectively.
  • Gather: Tips for neutralizing negative patterns to reinforce healthy thought routines.
  • Daily Practice: Under 3 min/day activities you can do to integrate new parenting skills.
  • Audio: Introduces and reinforces concepts and strategies used in App and book.
  • Reminders: Gentle messages of support and reinforcement delivered throughout your day (edit settings in “More” section).


If you find yourself caught in the mire of parenting frustrations, gently remind yourself, “I have an App for that!”