Susan has created a Webinar series to help parents master the ideas that she teachers in her book and lectures. For one low price, you can move through the Five Modules at your own pace. The webinar includes video, slides, audio and workbook pages with activities and exercises that will help make power struggles a thing of the past. 

“I have been soaking up all the great information from your webinar preview over the past 2 weeks.   I think I’ve gotten so much more of your message because of the webinar than if I’d just read your book alone.  You have such a positive presence.  I’ll be sharing my experience with as many moms, parents, family members that I can!

I was amazed at how easy, yet rewarding the process was and surprised at the responses I came up with once I got to the end of module 3.  It was a very positive and affirming experience for me.  I plan to keep these workbook pages for a long time!  Speaking of those workbook pages, where’s your app for this?! :) (Note to all: The App is here! Check the website!)

The attachment stages were profound. When I got to the “thought pills” and “making a change,” I had a real breakthrough and heard my parents voice in a way I wasn’t remotely aware of!  It was worth the price and more!!  (And who doesn’t want counseling in their pjs with a hot cup of tea and the pause button at your fingertips?) This Webinar is a fantastic idea!!)”


Susan Stiffelman, MFT

MODULE ONE: Becoming the Captain of the Ship in Your Child’s Life

In this module, Susan will introduce you to how you can become the Captain of the ship in your child's life--not desperately trying to be in control through bribes and threats, but confidently managing the calm AND stormy seas of raising kids. You'll identify the particular triggers that cause you to lose your cool, and begin taking manageable steps toward becoming the best version of your parenting self. Buy Access
Susan Stiffelman, MFT

MODULE TWO: Attachment Trumps Resistance

In this module, your relationship with your children will be transformed as you practice and implement the easy but powerful ideas for strengthening connection and overriding a child's resistance and defiance. You will also work with managing the triggers that cause you to lose your cool, learning a powerful method for handling the frustration and reactivity that derails your ability to parent with genuine authority. Buy Access
Susan Stiffelman, MFT

MODULE THREE: Responding, Rather Than Reacting

In this module, you will start taking a look at the parenting patterns you inherited and developed that make you react to your child with threats and bribes, instead of responding as the calm Captain of the ship. Rather than scripting what you should say when things go wrong, you'll learn specific ways to intuitively parent effectively, even in the heat of the moment. You will be guided toward making do-able baby steps of change, with support and care along the way. Buy Access
Susan Stiffelman, MFT

MODULE FOUR: Using Act I and II to Dissolve Upsets, Anger and Aggression

In this module, you will learn one of the cornerstone elements of Susan's work. By learning to come alongside your youngster, rather than at her, you will develop the kind of relationship that allows you to diffuse resistance, minimize defiance, and make it clear that you're the Captain of the ship who is capable of helping them deal with whatever difficulties they may face. The ideas in this section are powerfully effective, and once learned, will bring about radical transformation in your family's life. Buy Access
Susan Stiffelman, MFT

MODULE FIVE: Dealing with Real Life Issues

Here is where you'll get to try out what you've been learning in real life. From homework and bedtime to screen time and chores, you'll be applying the ideas you've been learning to practical parenting situations. You will also learn how to keep frustration from turning into aggression so your children develop the resilience they will need to navigate real life as confident, well-adjusted adults. Buy Access