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Susan Chats With Jennifer Garner about Save The Children

Originally from ParentDish from June 21st 2011

A Conversation With Jennifer Garner on Save the Children With AdviceMama

As ParentDish’s AdviceMama, I’m privileged to hear from parents around the world who are trying to do their best for their children. Whether the question is about getting a son to try harder on his homework, or helping a daughter handle problems with friends, I am touched by how dedicated our readers are to helping their children thrive and succeed in life.

For some children, however, these kinds of issues are secondary to more pressing challenges. In the United States, one out of six children lives in poverty. Save the Children is an organization that is taking practical steps to address the needs of children in these disadvantaged situations.

Recently, I spoke with actress Jennifer Garner, the artistic ambassador for Save the Children, as well as a passionate advocate of helping ensure all children are given the head start in life they deserve. I came away from our conversation with a painful awareness of the gap between children growing up in middle classes and those living below the poverty line. But I also felt hopeful, and inspired to do more — especially with the many opportunities available for us to help close that gap.

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