Expanded bio


Susan Stiffelman, (also known as AOL/ Huff Post Parent’s parenting expert, “Advice Mama”), is dedicated to helping parents raise kids who are joyful, resilient and authentically themselves–without power struggles, negotiations, meltdowns and the various other thieves of joy that can interfere with a parent’s ability to enjoy the journey of parenthood.

Susan is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist, a K-9 credentialed teacher, an educational therapist and a highly regarded parenting coach. Susan’s parenting approach focuses on helping parents manage their reactions—regardless of how their kids are behaving– so they can position themselves to be the calm parent our children cooperate with, confide in, are comforted by, and genuinely respect.

Susan Stiffelman embodies a unique blend of licensed psychotherapist, credentialed teacher, beloved auntie and down to earth mom. Her book, Parenting Without Power Struggles is based on her work with thousands of parents and children, from celebrities to everyday moms and pops.

In her book, Susan offers solid, rubber meets the road advice that has been thoroughly tested on kids of all ages and demographics. At the same time that she draws on her solid training and experience, her approach to raising kids falls into step with the spiritually-based understanding of people like Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.

Susan is an adventurer: She took her 15 year old son on a two and a half month trip to Uganda, Tanzania, Australia and New Zealand. The trip included volunteering at the community outreach compound of former Black Panther Pete O’Neil, visiting Masai tribes, and spending time at village schools in both Africa and Maori establishments in New Zealand.

She’s an innovative teacher: She was employed as a private teacher for a family whose international travels allowed her to teach—and learn—what it means to be a global citizen from day to day experiences. The experiences she had also shaped her understanding of what a child can learn when given unbridled freedom and inspiration.

She’s a passionate educator, taking her son around the world—including India when he was two years old—and supporting his passion for education that helped him receive a scholarship to American University where he studies Peace and Conflict Resolution in their International Studies program

Susan’s an outside-the-box thinker: She taught herself Hindi as a teenager and when she rean out of people to practice her conversational skills, she began calling people named “Singh” out of the phone book.

She’s a dynamo: She manages to accomplish more in a week than many do in months, juggling writing her book with maintaining a private therapy practice, conducting parenting workshops, writing an online advice column, conducting telephone parent coaching sessions, and volunteering in her community.

And finally, Susan is deeply committed to enjoying her life, living with appreciation and having fun. She has had a regular meditation practice since she was seventeen years old, and has always made the nourishment of her heart and soul as a number one priority.